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Odlewnia Metali Szopienice Sp. z o.o. (The Szopienice Metal Foundry Ltd) with its head office in Katowice was established in 2001 as a result of restructuring the Non-ferrous Metal Works “Szopienice” which had been started as long ago as 1834, when the heir of the Giesches family, to be precise, the Georg von Giesches Erben Bergwerksgesellschaft, started the Wilhelmina Zinc Works in the Szopenica Civil Parish.

The firm demerged from the Non-ferrous Metal Works “Szopienice” in 2001 was initially named Wa³ki i Tuleje Sp. z o.o. However, in 2002, was renamed in its present form.

The OMS Company has taken over from the Metal Works "Szopienice" for the production of copper alloy items, founded zinc alloys as well as rolled zinc anodes.

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