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Quality policy The strategy of quality management for products is implemented in all areas of the firm’s activity. The inbuilt quality of all processes conducted in our firm is laid upon the individual responsibility of every employee for the quality of his work so that the entire production process proceeds correctly, thereby ensuring the high quality of the final product.

The system of quality management ensures continuous refinement of the quality of the items the firm produces and a consistent improvement in this quality through:
completely understanding clients’ needs
good co-operation with partners
fulfilling the requirements of quality norms, these creating a basis for building mutual confidence between the firm and its clients
purchase of goods and raw materials from suppliers who are able to fulfil our requirements
plans for modernisation and development projects with a view to improving the quality level of our products
engaging all employees in a process of constant improvement in the level of their skills and qualifications
regular monitoring of the completion of tasks and the fulfilment of aims in the field of quality

  The quality management system applies to processes related to production:
- products made of copper alloys
- cast zinc alloys
- rolled zinc anodes

Strategic objectives
manufacture of items that fulfil clients’ requirements
introduction of new ranges of products in response to market demands
refining the level of product quality
retaining good relationships with suppliers and clients
perfecting the quality management system
Using the stated details norm Using the stated details of our firm’s norm The Quality Management System accords to the requirements of PN-EN ISO 9001:2000 standards without exclusions.

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